Wednesday, February 27, 2013

SFX CHICAGO is Registered in Deleware

Earlier this month we reported that SFX seemed to be buying a great deal of EDM companies in North America.  Earlier today we uncovered SFX Chicago lurking on the Deleware Divison of Corporations' webpage.  To see for yourself click this link and search SFX.  Or see the image below
SFX Chicago

This registration appears to be in line with new we reported on earlier this month that SFX Entertainment appears to have purchased React Presents, The Mid Chicago, Electric Forest, Summer Set Festival, Q-Dance, Spring Awakening Music Festival to name a few highlights. See Article HERE

Is this the first step before the announcement of any sale?  The company has been registered for about 14 years now but this would make sense for areas SFX can immediately move into.  Clear Channel, the owners of SFX Entertainment, and SFX already have a presence in the Chicago market with several radio companies including, Kiss 103.5 and WGCI 107.5.

If you remember SFX accidentally posted source code to their website alluding to the purchase of several prominent EDM companies(see image below). list of Companies

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