Tuesday, February 12, 2013

SFX Holdings Corporation Possibly Makes Deals With Beatport, Life in Color, ID&T, Q-Dance, React Presents, The Mid Chicago, and More

According to a recent article in www.genxglow.com SFX Holdings Corporation/SFX Entertainment has been making a lot of acquisitions and production deals in the past year.  Their catalog of EDM related companies and festivals has grown exponentially it seems according to a recent discovery of source code on their webpage(see image below, or here).  SFX Entertainment has formed a new partnership with ID-T to help produce Sensation and Tomorrowland in North America as well.

SFXii.com source code
SFX Entertainment may be in talks to acquire or make some sort of partnership witth Beat Port(confirmed), React Presents, The Mid Chicago, Electric Forest, Tomorrowland (confirmed as Tomorrow World),  Summer Set Festival, Q-Dance (confirmed), Life in Color (confirmed), ID&T (confirmed), Spring Awakening Music Festival to name a few highlights.  For more info please see the article on Genxglow's website HERE

What does this mean for EDM fans around the world and specifically the USA?  Time will tell, but not having as many companies competing with one another to produce the most outstanding EDM experience is not great for fans.

Take a look at the source code above or go to sfxii.com and right click to view it yourself or check out the picture above.(note: the original source code has since been removed)

Company list seen on website:

Arkadia Miami: arkadiamiami.com 
Cameo Miami: cameomiami.com 
CLUBTIX: clubtix.com 
Congress Theatre: venue.congresschicago.com 
Disco Donnie Presents: discodonniepresents.com 
Electric Forest Festival: electricforestfestival.com 
Hangout Music Festival: hangoutmusicfest.com 
HUKA Entertainament (talent acquisition firm): hukaentertainment.com 
ID&T (producers of Tomorrowland and Sensation): id-t.com 
Life In Color (previously Dayglow): lifeincolor.com 
LIV Nightclub: livnightclub.com 
Mansion Miami: mansionmiami.com/dev 
MMG Nightlife: miami-mg.com 
Mokai Miami: mokaimiami.com 
Q-Dance: q-dance.com 
React Presents: reactpresents.com 
Sensation: sensation.com 
SET Nightclub Miami: setmiami.com 
Spring Awakening Festival: springawakeningfestival.com 
Story Nightclub: story.wantickets.com 
Summer Set Music Festival: summersetfestival.com/2012 
The MID Chicago: themidchicago.com 
The Opium Group: theopiumgroup.com 
The Voodoo Experience: thevoodooexperience.com 
Tomorrowland: tomorrowland.be

UPDATE:  Since the publishing of the article on genxglow.com, SFXii.com has removed the publicly visible source code.  You can still view it above in the screen capture I took or here, at Webcite
SFX.com after code removed

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